Friday, January 21, 2011

21 Days of Getting Organized

Day 18 Keepsakes

OK this one has been set up already. Remember my Closet Office and the baskets. I just realized you can't see the top shelf in that post . . anyhow it looks just like the bottom shelf with the white baskets and red & white liners. The very hard to reach strategically placed basket holds all of Maya's school keepsakes. I've already organized each year with folders and it looks like this:

Here's the basket with all of Maya's school keepsakes, there's a photo album my mom made for me years ago - out of fabric if that tells you how long ago! and a finger print kit. Everything is stacked on top of each other, files first and then the album.

Here are all the folders, starting with Preschool going to 5th Grade. I remember making these while she was in 1st grade not knowing how many folders to make. I made enough to go to 5th grade but that seemed SO far away. She's in 4th Grade now. Sigh.

Some of her Preschool things.

Oh the dang flash! Every day in 3rd grade I wrote her a note with her lunch . . . and she kept them all!





Gifts for me Mother's Day (that says massage!) 

Christmas Love Messages for me! 

Those are some of the things I keep in my keepsakes! This was a fun challenge to look through her accomplishments and how much she has grown!


Kristal said...

Monkey Beach, I love it! Oh, the imagination of a child. Love that she kept your loving notes, too. Idea...Pick one for the cover (or make a cover) and one for the back and laminate each as a binder and then gather them up and put them on a metal ring (single hole punch)and decorate with ribbons or whatever. This would be a small keepsake and it would be easy to flip through and browse the notes. She may want to take that to college with her. ; )

Kristal said...

I just meant to laminate the front and back, to help protect the insides and give it some structure. I would have loved to have something like that just hanging in my dorm room. Every time I saw it I would have good memories of my mom, childhood, and feel good about myself.

Kristal said...

In fact, you might even do that project in secret and give it to her when she leaves home. Ok, gotta go dry my eyes now.

Anonymous said...

Well done!

Anonymous said...

Laminating items eats the paper.

Plastic and paper are a bad mix.

It makes the paper disintegrate, and makes the colors fade too quick.

Get a plastic binder with archival-safe sheet protectors.

Then, put the binder in an archival water-resistant (and moth-resistant) box.

Scan. Upload to photobook service. Make copy for graduating kid. Keep the large paper copy at your house.